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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's tuesday august 2. thanks for waking up with us. i am cynne simpson. i am doug mcelway. >>-- i am natasha barrett. >> id: to be hot today, but not as humid. humidity will be dropping throughout the day. broke a record high temperature at reagan national yesterday beating 100 degrees. today will be a little cooler, but still hot. 71 in leesburg, 75 in ashburn 73 in upper marlborough. impressive rainfall totals on the right side of the screen, from yesterday. elsewhere, around 70 degrees to start the day. mid 90's, becoming less humid and at 5-15 slightly drier air.
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some areas of rain tomorrow. now to lisa baden. all of the hov gates are open on 95. there were problems because of a power outage, but everything is open. traffic is moving if between dumphries and the beltway in hov lanes. quiet as far as 66 eastbound. westbound had a minor crash in manassas, but that was moved to the shoulder. let's show you a picture of the traffic on the beltway at andrews air force base, moving along well. back to you. >> thank you. 5:01. it seems one down, one to go. today the senate is scheduled to vote on the compromise debt deal brokered by the white house and republicans. >> passed the bill last night but the clock is still ticking. the vote was overshadowed by representative gabrielle giffords, who is your first trip to the floor since she was shot seven months ago. brianne carter is in a satellite center of with that historic return to washington politics.
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but we begin with jummy olabanji with the countdown to a crisis. >> good morning. we are on the countdown. the senate is expected to vote on this beginning in about seven hours. one down and one to go. all eyes are. on the u.s. are >> the bill has passed. without objection, a motion to reconsider. >> with less than 24 hours before the government runs out of money, all eyes are on the u.s. senate. yesterday the house passed a deal to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending by a margin of 269-161. although it was bipartisan, not everybody was happy. some republicans opposed it because it cut defense spending and give the government the ability to borrow $0.40 trillion. some democrat-- to dollars$2.4 trillion.
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>> we are their last line of defense. >> the bill is expected to pass although it will be in opposition. >> i have decided i will not vote for the bill although i really respect people who have worked on it and the fact that it does take some real progress toward reducing spending, although far less than we need. >> the senate is scheduled to vote at noon today. if that happens if it does pass the senate, the bill is expected to go to president obama's desk. it's hopeful that he will sign it before midnight. that is when the country loses its ability to borrow money. reporting from capitol hill, jummy olabanji. one of the 269 votes in favor of the bill belonged to arizona congresswoman's gabrielle giffords. it symbolizes a remarkable step on her road to recovery. brianne carter joins us from a
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satellite center with more. good morning. >> good morning. with the surprise return of congresswoman gabrielle giffords, it seemed all on the floor or united at least for few moments in all this. with word that she was back on the floor of the house applause and emotion filled the house floor. many of them stretching across the aisle to issue a warm welcome to a colleague who came back from the brink of death. this was the first vote for congresswoman giffords. she was shot in january. she sent a tweet. "i had to be here for this vote. i cannot take the chance that my absence could crash our economy." she has been undergoing outpatient therapy in houston since she was released from the hospital in june. her friend and colleague congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz says that giffords still has a lot of recovery and is not
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ready to come back full time. no word on how long she will be in washington. brianne carter, abc 7 news. the federal aviation administration could partially shut down until september. a bipartisan senate plan to the end the impasse apart making it more likely that congress will not resolve the issue. metro is investigating an accident that led to chaos on the red line. a man was struck by a train and critically injured at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. that was at the friendship heights station in the commute time. the chaos escalated when passengers struggled to get in and out of the van ness station. take a look this cell phone video that shows the station packed with frustrated riders. ended up waiting 45 minutes or longer. prince george's county police are investigating and drowning that occurred during a large house party in upper marlboro.
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22-year-old kevin akinfeleye drowned in a swimming pool on sunday morning. foul play is not suspected at this point. several county police officers were working at a party and their actions will be the subject of an internal investigation. we're following a developing story from new hampshire. authorities found a body of a young girl missing for about a week. police say that 11-year-old celina cass' body was found a half mile from her home, near the canadian border. her death is suspicious in nature. an autopsy is planned for today. one person has died from a salmonella outbreak apparently linked to ground turkey. the cdc says that 76 people in 26 states got sick between march and june. there were sickened by a strain of the disease resistant to many antibiotics. officials have not said where the turkey meat came from or how
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it became contaminated. 73 degrees outside. >> still ahead, it was a good night for the nationals. and the redskins keep working on their starting roster. tim brant has the latest. and wedding bells for the bachelorettes. we will tell you who will be walking down the aisle. >> first, another day of 90 degrees
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> 5:00 in on this tuesday morning. we had some beneficial rain showers yesterday across the region. today will be dry and sunny. hot but not as hot as yesterday. we broke a record at reagan national yesterday afternoon reaching 100 degrees, breaking the old record by one degree. clear skies over there right now. look to the northwest of our area in the middle part of your screen in michigan and wisconsin. the energy associated with those showers and thunderstorms will push our way and click bus early tomorrow morning and affect the day tomorrow. most of the rain will be limited, confined mainly to parts of maryland's seven. the five right now and the district, 73 in winchester, 72
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in hagerstown, 71 in quantico. a lot of sunshine today, mid 90's. it will be a little more comfortable as we go through the midday and afternoon as the humidity levels dropped. scattered morning and afternoon showers and storms tomorrow. some locally, clipping northern virginia. most of the rain tomorrow will be confined to maryland with limited sunshine in between, highs near 90. pretty good around the beltway. interstate travel, south and richmond, nor into baltimore and to the airport looks good. b-w parkway and into town looks good. appeared in light volume of traffic right now. here is the beltway at branch avenue near andrews air force base. and 395 northbound, after the beltway, and to the pentagon, moving slowlnicely. 72 degrees outside. >> coming up spending nine
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months with social media. >> facebook has a new tracking tool for expect and mothers. --expectant mothers. >> first a match made in reality tv heaven. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, won't
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texting our top stories this morning. the house overwhelmingly approved a compromise bill to raise the nation's debt limit and avert an economic catastrophe. the legislation now goes to the senate where it's expected to be approved. the bill raises the debt ceiling in exchange for trillions of dollars in spending cuts. there was a big surprise during that vote. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle broke out in applause when wounded arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords returned to capitol hill for the first time since she was shot in the head in january. high blood pressure
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smoking, and diabetes, and obesity may cause your brain to age up to 10 years faster. researchers found that people with those risk factors often had smaller brains and diminished brain function later on in life. 5:14. puerto rico is bracing for tropical storm emily. storm is expected to bring heavy rain to the islands later today. but before -- puerto rico, it will adopt several inches of rainfall on the leeward islands and the windward islands. tropical storm warnings are in effect for a number of caribbean islands. the u.s. could use a drenching. and the report says about 12% of the country had an exceptional drought last month. that is the highest percentage since monitoring began more than a decade ago. the south as separate from this long dry spell with texas being hardest hit. looking at the day ahead
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local police and prosecutors will be out in their communities, part of a nationwide effort to fight crime. tonight is the 20th annual night out. communities will be holding events aimed at promoting crime- prevention and strengthening neighborhood anti-crime programs. a candlelight vigil will be held tonight to mark the one- year anniversary of leticia frazier's disappearance. the southeast d.c. teenager was the mother of a three-year-old girl. her body has never been found people are charged in her murder. the night's vigil is at 7:00 on 18th street and trenton place in southeast d.c. casey anthony may return to floridavery soon. she was ordered to check in with her probation oofficer. no one is seen her since she was found not guilty of murdering her daughter caylee last mops. -- month.
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new revelations about ted kennedy. newly released documents say that he dealt with the constant threat on his life. he hired private security guards to protect him. officials say that his office received an envelope which was filled with white powder during amtrak's scare. -- anthrax scare. rob nelson has technology stories. >> apple's icloud is getting mixed reviews. it went live for the first time on monday. it is a virtual environment where users can store their data to access from anywhere. only some people were able to access it. a new profile page tag lets people announce their baby's due date on facebook as well as the name and the gender. captain america super soldier
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a new game has been released, said during world war ii. >> he uses a giant shields instead of a gun. you have to learn how to fight the guys using acrobatics and a big shield and your fists, w which is unique. >> the game is available for all the major gaming systems and is on sale now. i am rob nelson. important news, the bachelorette gave out the final rose last night. ashley shows 34-year-old construction manager j.p.. he proposed and she accepted. tabloids had expected he would be the winner. no word on when the happy couple will get married. >> or if they will get married. let's take some banks now. do we think maybe it's two months?
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>> i will not hold my breath on this one. only two couples on that show have lived to see happily ever after. >> i am just saying. >> i will sleep more soundly because my wife is addictive to that show and she used a box that index bed. >> the bachelor will be starting up really stone -- soon, so get ready. the humidity will drop, so that's an improvement. we had beneficial rainfall yesterday. over an inch in leesburg yesterday. over an inch in ashburn. the bull's-eye of the heavy rain was in loudoun county yesterday. there were isolated flash floods. it came down hard and fast. we will take what we can get. burtonsville, 0.6 inches. upper marlborough had over half an inch. pretty good rainfall totals
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pretty much everywhere across the region. some of the storms were severe and did cause damage. 70 degrees in leesburg right now, 73 in ashburn 70 in burtonsville. 75 in the district. the upper 60's in this place is. 66 in gaithersburg. 72 at lexington park. not a bad start. hot this afternoon. clear skies overhead. a lot of sunshine today. beautiful blue skies with some high, thin clouds moving in during afternoon and evening. look at this. to our northwest and parts of the upper midwest along international line, this thunderstorm complex, energy causing that will continue to push our way of and clip are -- tonight and tomorrow. that will cause light rain. a lot of sunshine today. as we go into tomorrow morning around the end of the rush hour, some rain fall. but mostly in maryland.
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most of the rain tomorrow, which will be limited, but most of it will be in maryland throughout the day tomorrow. in the morning and again in the afternoon and evening. just limited sunshine between. 90's today, becoming less humid. denair 90 tomorrow with rain chances especially for maryland. thursday and friday, a lot of sunshine. near 90 degrees. that's for the next several days. that's better than 100. by saturday, showers and thunderstorms. moving nicely. and interstate 70, 95 in maryland normal travel times on long 270 approach and democracy boulevard down to the beltway. and on 95 between richmond and baltimore, in pretty good shape. an accident on eastbound 66 in vienna before the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. 5:21 73 degrees outside. >> next, are you ready for
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another season of baseball? wednesday in strasbourg could return. >> today on "oprah," the always fascinating shirley maclaine, 4:00 on abc 7.
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>> he was introduced as the new head coach of the u.s. women's soccer team yesterday. he guided his native germany to a third-place at the world cup. he will get put to the test when the u.s. meets its bible mexico on august 10 in philadelphia. >> now the rest of sports with tim brant. >> the redskins continue working hard on solidifying their roster. last night they agreed to terms with quarterback phil buchanan. this will be his second year with the ball club. he had a solid year last year. 74 guys were on the field yesterday and were ushered off quickly when the dust cloud came over redskins park, really raining hard. but the lightning chased them inside. they did go through a full practice in the morning yesterday in 90 degree heat. free agents are not allowed to practice until thursday. there's a lot of optimism. santana moss talking about the offense. >> we should be able to learn
5:26 am
from some of the things last year. getting the opportunity to be great. >> there's a lot of optimism with the nationals. one last night over the braves 5-3. and there's a lot of talk about stephen strasburg coming back next year for rehab start. have a great day, everybody. >> you do the same. >> get ready for those steven strasbourg hamburgers. 72 degrees outside. the news continues at 5:30. >> coming up in the next half- hour more than a million of the most popular pickup trucks on a recall list. >> in the middle of the debate and a deal, and emotional return to capitol hill. that story coming up. >> record-breaking heat yesterday. changes in store for today then [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> her presence today makes sure that we honor the obligations of our great country as important and symbolic. >> a special appearance. back to work and down to the wire. gabrielle giffords returned to the house floor to help pass a debt deal. now all eyes are on the senate. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, august 2. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. we will begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has a check of the forecast. >> it was 100 degrees yesterday at reagan national. at broke a record by one degree. today will become hot, but not
5:30 am
as highot, and with a drop in the humidity. rain tomorrow. 75 and the district, 70 at dulles airport this morning. 68 in cumberland. culpeper at 66 along with gaithersburg. ties today in the mid 90's, but becoming less humid in the midday and afternoon. a few storms possible tonight especially locally and in maryland. tomorrow is the best chance of rain in maryland, in the morning and again in the afternoon and evening. in between, a few pieces of sunshine. limited sunshine tomorrow, near 90 degrees over the next few days. eastbound 66, there was a vehicle broken-down van at the beltway. they stopped all traffic to move that out of the way. that transaction is complete. from 123 to 495 everything is open. 95 between richmond and baltimore in pretty good shape. we are open on 270 70, 50
5:31 am
between severally and bowie. there's a crash on florida avenue between north capitol street and new york avenue. georgia avenue is closed. back to you. >> thank you. 5:31. an historic night in the fight for debt deal. but now avoiding default is left on the shoulders of the senate. >> today lawmakers will vote on a compromise bill berger by the white house and house republicans. but the clock is still ticking. the house passed the bill last night, but the vote was overshadowed by representative giffords real bee who made her first trip there since being shot in january. we begin with jummy olabanji with the countdown. >> good morning. the first milestone on this
5:32 am
countdown is noon today, when the senate is expected to start the voting process on the bill. no one knows how long it will take. analysts feel it is expected to pass. this is the same bill that the house voted on yesterday. there were 269 yeas and 161 days for the plan to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending by trillion dollars. even though it was a bipartisan deal not everyone was pleased. some democrats were not happy with the deep cuts and tax increases in the deal. some republicans were not happy with cuts to defense spending and the ability of the government to borrow even more money. the plan is expected to meet opposition in the senate today. if it passes, it will go to president obama desk. they hope he will sign it some time before midnight. even if this were to happen, we are not out of the woods. there could be problems in the u.s. and the treasury secretary did say that the u.s. credit
5:33 am
rating could still take a hit even though this may past the senate's later on today. reporting live on capitol hill, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. the debt deal could have a major impact right here in the d.c. area. analysts say the plan is expected to give defense contracts very hard. forcing layoffs and undermining the local economy. federal spending accounts are 37% of the regional economy. wounded arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords made her first visit to washington since an assassination attempt in january. brianne carter is in a satellite center with more on this major step in her road to recovery. >> over the past few weeks some americans have called the debate in the government not only/a dysfunctional. but last night with a surprise
5:34 am
and emotional return of congresswoman gabrielle giffords it seemed all on the floor or united at least for a few moments. >> we all want to welcome back our wonderful colleague congresswoman giffords. >> with those words applause and a motion filled the house floor. stretch across the aisle, a warm welcome from her colleagues. >> even with the heart of hearts, they melted when she walked in the door. >> if this was the first votes for arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords since she was shot on a january 8 in a grocery store parking lot. she sent a tweet. "i had to be here for this vote. i cannot take the chance that my absence could crash the economy." correct there is not a name that's demands so much admiration and respect. >> she has been undergoing
5:35 am
outpatient therapy in houston since she was released from hospital in june. >> is one of those proud moment for all of us. the nurses and the staff and positions and everyone. >> among the debates it seems she was just happy to be back in washington. last night she sent a tweet "the capital looks beautiful and i am honored to be at work tonight." brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> everybody happy to see her. thank you. maryland utility regulators are expanding their probe into verizon's 911 service. on may 30, some emergency calls came through without caller id or location information. that lasted three hours. verizon said the power outage at a new jersey central office was to blame. the maryland public service commission says the rise and may not have adequately look. notified the local call center
5:36 am
is about the problem. an accident caused major commuter delays on the metro red line. a man was struck by a train and critically injured around 4:00 yesterday at the friendship heights station. the chaos escalated when passengers struggled to get in and out of the van ness station. this cell phone video shows the station packed with frustrated withwho waited 45 minutes or longer. >> is chaos. two trains went so benign. they keep changing the time. we really don't know anything. no one is telling us anything. >> very frustrating. i want to get home. >> normal train service was restored around 6:45 last night. 7 is on your side with. the government says one person died from salmonella poisoning that may be linked to ground turkey. 76 people and -- in 26 states got sick between march and june. they were sickened by a strain of the devioudisease resistant to
5:37 am
most antibiotics. 7 is on your side with news of a major automobile recall. ford is recalling more than a million full-size pickup trucks. they include the f-150, f250, and lincoln blackwood trucks. there's a strap that could break and cause a fire of the gas tank. 72 degrees. >> still ahead a target for thieves. we have the latest list of the top 10 stolen cars. >> and when sharing the road is no longer an option. and how some bikers and joggers are responding. >> and ano
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my name is brian. i'm with the capmac truck. check out our macaroni and cheese. good morning, washington. macaroni and cheese and hotdogs. that was one of my choice foods in college. you have to appreciate the college days. let's look at rainfall totals from yesterday. over an inch in leesburg and ashburn. loudoun county was the bull's-
5:41 am
eye for the heavy downpours. other locations got some good rainfall. over half inch in burtonsville and upper marlborough. the showers were scattered across the region. not everybody had them. maryland had a better -- will have a better chance of rain tomorrow than the rest of us. some energy is clipping our region. we will have some areas of rain during the morning. mainly in maryland. northern virginia and d.c. and parts of west virginia will get a little. most of the showers will be east of the atomic throughout the day tomorrow, and the morning and another round of storms possible in the afternoon and evening. limited sunshine in between. -- east of the potomac river and throughout the day tomorrow. today, 95 degrees becoming less humid throughout the day. and some to the travel time. there was a broken-down vehicles
5:42 am
eastbound 66 at the beltway. traffic was stopped and that was moved out of the roadway. lanes are open again. between centreville and the beltway, allow yourself a little extra time. 95 between richmond and baltimore in good shape. giving you the green light. and moving nicely on long 270 at 109. metro rail reporting normal service this morning systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. [ baby coughing, labored breathing ]
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[ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] congress can't ignore the facts: more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken the clean air act.
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good tuesday morning. the senate's is canada to vote today on a compromise bill to raise the nation's debt limit and avert an economic catastrophe. the house overwhelmingly approved legislation last night. the bill raises the debt ceiling in exchange for more than a trillion dollars in spending cuts. wounded arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords was in washington for the first time since being shot in the
5:46 am
head seven months ago. she got a standing ovation when she walked into the house chamber to vote for the debt ceiling bill. the band kings of leon has called off the rest of their u.s. tour. their publicist said that the lead singer named taylor is not feeling well and is having a vocal issues after a concert in dallas. dallas week's the ban will continue touring in september. checking news from around the nation, recommends to the week-long search for a missing new hampshire girl. 11-year-old celina cass' body was found in the river half mile from her home near the canadian border. her death is suspicious in nature. an autopsy is planned for today. attention is focused on bridges safety four your staff to accommodate a 35 bridge in minneapolis collapsed. in 2007 in august the bridge fell into the mississippi river. 13 people were killed and 145 others injured.
5:47 am
a university of maryland researchers working to prevent a similar tragedy. he has developed a way to track a proposed structural integrity. >> the overall transportation infrastructure needs more high tech technology. >> more than 70,000 bridges nationwide are continued we did consider to be structurally deficient. 19 of them in d.c., 1200 or so in virginia, and 372 in maryland. a petition drive opposing maryland's "dream act is being challenged in court. several civil rights leaders want to stop a referendum from being put on the 2012 ballot. they climb signatures collected during the petition drive were obtained illegally. the bill allows illegal immigrant children to pay in- state tuition to balance state colleges and universities. thousands of people in our area will be fighting back against crime. tonight is the 20th annual
5:48 am
national night out. local communities will hold events aimed at promoting crime prevention and strengthening neighborhood anti-crime programs. the family-oriented events are free and open to the public. prince or discounting council will focus its attention on filling councilwoman leslie johnson cozy seats. she resigned last month after pleading guilty to destroying evidence in a federal corruption probe. today the council chair will introduce a resolution concerning the special election to fill that vacancy. ♪ >> from britney spears to country music. taylor swift will perform tonight at the verizon center in downtown d.c. this is part of her world sort. bator wraps up on november 22 in new york city. -- that tour craps uwraps up in november. nadya suleman was criticized
5:49 am
after giving birth to a baby's in 2009. she also has six other children. she will be having a reality show. she is pretty resilience and cannot be taken lightly as an opponent. >> goodness. one can only imagine how samuel jackson would react after this. >> this is a water moccasin. >> snakes on a windshield. a tennessee family was driving along an interstate highway when they noticed a five-foot long snake on their windshield. the parents started recording as the snake slithered across the front of the vehicle. it eventually stopped the car and went on its way. >> now i am uncomfortable with my legs under this table.
5:50 am
who is driving? one person recording and another person hyperventilating. >> apparently it was under the hood and when the engine heated up it's got out. glad that did not happen to me. >> i would have tap an accident. >> it is like when we get those cicadas. because car crashes periodically. >> warm and fuzzy today. not as hot today and the humidity will drop. decent this afternoon, mid 90's. 75 now in the district. manassas and culpeper at 66, along with frederick. 76 along the water in annapolis. dew points part in the mid 60's right now. those will drop into the 50's this afternoon. in the 40's in some locations.
5:51 am
that will be much drier air this afternoon, unlike what we had yesterday. clear skies overhead right now. looking at the northwest of our region, we can see some showers and a thunderstorms in the upper midwest associated with low pressure that will push our way throughout the day tomorrow. the effect will be tomorrow morning, some areas of rain, mainly in maryland, but also in northern virginia and the district. again in the afternoon and evening, showers and thunderstorms scattered across our region. some could be strong to severe. tropical storm emily is 245 miles to the southeast of san juan, puerto rico. that is the estimated center of the storm. it does take a turn to the north as it heads toward florida late this week into the weekend and could bring some drought relief to parts of the southeast, including florida georgia, and south carolina in
5:52 am
the latter half of the weekend. something we will keep an eye on as this could affect our local weather. pretty far off and a lot of uncertainty there. mid 90's for us today with sunshine becoming less humid if this afternoon. scattered morning and afternoon showers and storms tomorrow, mainly in maryland. but there will be some elsewhere. and it's a sunshine in between the rain showers. near 90 the next few days with sunshine thursday and friday. now to breaking traffic. the northeast washington, on florida avenue near the wendy's restaurant between new york avenue and texting templates there's a motorcycle crash. -- between the york avenue and effington. on new york avenue, you cannot make the turn onto florida ave. that's causing some confusion. it is only closed for one block. but that is enough to do the damage. traveling through northeast along the york avenue or north
5:53 am
capitol street, when you take north capitol try to access ward avenue, you'll find that closed. back to you. >> thank you. what a mess. that's all people need this morning. >> that is slowing things down. today, apple is expanding its cloud. and some american cars -- and the theft of some american cars is on the rise. >> now to linda bell. >> let's begin with stock index futures, indicating a lower open. keeping a close eye on washington as the senate will hold a final vote on the debt limit. we expect members today on consumer spespending and july automobile sales. more peeves are looking to steal american cars. -- thieves. there are more american brands on the list than foreign models for the first time.
5:54 am
ford had three spots on the list. honda accord is the most frequently stolen car in the u.s. for the third straight year. apple is expanding its clout service. now users can store their tv shows remotely access them. it's expected to boost sales of television shows through itunes because consumers will not have to clock up their hard drive to restore those large files. that is business news, live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 5:54, 72 degrees. >> you are watching "good morning washington."
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>> a lot of areas cyclists and doctors are concerned about their safety along the george washington parkway. >> people use some of the most dangerous crosswalks in our area and they say the national park service needs to make some safety improvements. >> there needs to be a stoplight or some kind of way across. usually they don't stop. >> you get a false sense of security because it's the crosswalk. >> a cell phone camera last week captured the aftermath of an accident on the parkway crosswalk. in april a woman was struck and killed as she went through
5:58 am
parkway crosswalk. local cyclists and pedestrians are hoping for safety improvements before another tragedy happens. >> pedestrians are supposed to have the right of way in that area, but never been too careful. much more to come in the next hour. >> find out who some of hollywood's leading men are
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